Software Development      


Custom Software Design


Our goal is to ensure that your business functions the way that you've always wanted it to. We achieve our goals by working with you through your business process to arrive at the best solutions. Some of these may include:


Database Design


A patient approach to understanding your business gives us the tools we need to build the best possible information system. With this understanding, we can make sure that you have more than just a collection of records, but rather a source of useful information to support the decisions you make.


Instrumentation & Automation



It's always tough trying to make your field or lab implementation work as well as you thought it would the day you put it on the drawing board. Our experience with National Instruments, Keithley, HP, Tektronix among others will lessen the pain and help you focus on getting results.


Note on Development Tools



We normally choose the tools that are most appropriate for your business problem. However, if you have special requirements, we are capable of building applications using any of a number of programs including Visual Basic, SAS, Matlab, C++, Delphi and Borland PowerBuilder.


        Custom Software Applications


A growing business soon finds itself in need of tools that no off-the-shelf software can provide. We can design a system that reduces growing pains by developing user-friendly interfaces, special business-specific functionality and full documentation.