Data Analysis: from numbers into knowledge

Business Trend Analysis


Trying to determine what caused that big spike in sales? Want to know which products are hot in your local markets but are not selling well overseas? We can help you analyze your data to identify the key factors driving your business.


Predictive Data Mining


Whether you're getting ready to do a mass mailing or identify fraudulent behavior, statistics can be your friend. We've got experience with some of the most sophisticated tools on the market (SAS Enterprise Miner.)

Complex Physics, Math or Engineering


Each complex problem is different from the last, and Lucas Technology has been working with many complicated queries over the years. If it involves Matrix manipulation, control applications, chaos identification, Fourier transforms or just plain algebra, we've been there. Let us search out the solution to your problem.

Computer Segmentation

No question - demographics drive retail business. We can determine who your current customers are so you will know if you are reaching your target market and maximizing your earnings potential.