Price for Standard Computer Services


This is a list of some of the common tasks that are performed by our experienced Computer Technicians.

We can usually get your system back to you within two business days. 


Diagnose computer hardware


(Preliminary triage of system hardware, try to determine root cause of the problem. Small fixes included)


Reinstall missing or corrupt device drivers



Troubleshoot and repair software


(Operating System of Application errors, blue screens, etc.)


Format & Reinstall Operating System, no data


(Drivers, Updates and necessary software the OS requires)


Format and Reinstall of Operating System, with data


(Drivers, Updates, necessary software, Backup and restore personal data)


Data Backup to device provided by customer



Data Recovery from non-functional hard drive


(no guarantee however customer only pays if data is retrieved)


General computer cleanup


(includes increase system performance, free up disk space, update software and drivers)


Virus & Spyware Removal

$60.00 - $90.00


Hardware Installation


(Install new RAM, hard drive, power supply, expansion cards, DVD/CD drives, etc.)


In-Shop General labour charge



On-site General Labour charge